Whatsminer M50 118T 112T BTC Asic Miner For Mining Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency:BTC/BCH/BSV Hashrate:118T/112T Power Consumption:3248W ± 10% Power Efficiency:29J/T ± 5%@25° C Payment methods: USDT & 14 fiat currencies

Products Details

Model M50
Hashrat 112TH/s, -5%~+5%
Power Consumption 3248W, -10%~+10%@Wall-Plug
Power Efficiency 29J/TH, -5%~+5%@25
Operating Temperature -5~35
Net Dimensions 430mm*155mm*226mm
Net Weight 11.7KG
Warranty 1 year
Internet Connections Ethenet
Power Cable Model IEC C19, 16A
PSU Model P221B/P222B AC220V ~ 240V
Whatsminer M50 Main Feature: 1This is whatsminer's high hashrate btc crypto miner launching in 2022 2Low power consumption, high hashrate 3Stable and more resistant to high temperatures 4whasminer M21S/M20/M32/M31/M30 series miners have been recognized and affirmed by many consumers. the quality of M50 miners will also be the same as before.   FAQ 1Is whasminer M50 is available? Yes, in addition to the M50, we also have the M50S, are in stock for sale. 2Is it possible to buy used M50 series miner? This is the latest version of the 2022 miner. There are no used M50 series miners for now, and most of the M30s/M30S+/M30S++ are also new machines. If you want to buy used miners, you can choose M31S/M32/M20S/M21S etc. 3How much is the shipping cost?Is it free shipping? We are dealing with customers from various countries around the world, so the range is large and it is difficult to standardize shipping prices. Different countries, different transportation methods, different volume and weight of different types of mining products and different quantities will have different transportation prices. Therefore, please contact customer service and provide your shipping address, zip code, product model, quantity and other related information, and customer service will calculate the shipping cost for you. If you are interested, please contact us,we send you a quote for more models. 4Is there a discount? How do I pay? The initial quotation is not equal to the final price, as prices are frequently adjusted, we still take the quotation of the day as the basis. Some customers request to pay in a few days after the price is determined on the same day, so please note that the price and goods are not reserved without any deposit. Maybe the price will increase, maybe the price will decrease, maybe the goods are already sold out. The best thing to do is to confirm the price on the same day and pay on the same day. 5What miners are the most profitable? There is no such thing as the most profitable miner, only the most suitable miner. We first need to consider the cost of crypto miners and the cost of electricity. In different environmental conditions, the operating conditions of the machine, etc. For example, suppose a guest has very cheap electricity in Russia and he has limited funds, he should choose a cheap used miner, such as T2T/T17/M21S/M20S, etc. If the guest has cheap electricity but limited power, then he should choose used A11/A10PRO etc. to increase the hashrate as much as possible with limited power. new miners, long-term mining is not easy to be eliminated. There is another situation, if the climate of the area where you place the miner is two blocks or hot, this is also a condition that needs to be considered when picking a miner.When you can't make up your mind, please contact our customer service and we will give you a more reasonable proposal based on your conditions.Professional customer service whatsapp:+8613768392284 Telegram:+8613768392284 skype:+8613768392284 wechat:+8613768392284 QQ:29884555 Email:grayscalealibaba@gmail.com

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