Goldshell CK BOX Home Office Silent Miner for CKB mining asic mini miner LB BOX KD BOX

ModelCK BOX FunctionsCKB Hashrate: 1.05TH Specification: 2150.2W/G Release DateMay 2021

Products Details

Specification parameters
Model No. CK BOX
Hashrate 1050GH/s±5%
Power Efficiency 215W±5%
Power efficiency on wall @25°C, J/TH 0.2W/G
Rated voltage 176-264V
Cooling 2 FANs
Operating Temperature 5~35
Nosie 35dB
Specification weight  
Net Dimensions 175mm*150mm*84mm
Gross Dimensions 303mm*225mm*119mm
Net weight, kg(2-2) 1.46kg
Gross weight, kg 1.83kg
Description of Goldshell CK BOX Goldshell CK-BOX is a CKB dedicated ASIC home mining machine based on the Eaglesong algorithm, which has a nominal arithmetic power of 1050G and power consumption of 215W, with a calculated power consumption ratio as low as 0.2W/G. CK BOX running test

The outer packaging is a generic carton with a corresponding product label on the outside. When the box is opened, the BOX series machines are embedded in foam protection, the product box is only the mainframe, no other additional accessories.

The mining machine and power supply are designed separately, and the power supply for the mining machine uses the same 6pin port as the power supply for the desktop graphics card, so mining also requires a suitable computer power supply. The power consumption of a single machine is around 250W, 1-2 machines mining with more than 600W computer gold power supply (where the total output power of 12V power supply should be greater than 500W), such as more than one digging together can consider buying the official supporting 1200W server power supply can be used in a tow four.

The miner has a built-in fan.

The BOX series small mining machine control board interface is very conventional, respectively, IP up button, Ethernet interface, TF card slot, restart button and status indicator.

Connected to the mining pool and running at full capacity for over 48 hours. The pool shows smooth arithmetic reception, with a rejection rate of less than 1%. The average hashrate for 24 hours is 1095G, which is in line with the nominal parameter of 1050G.

After 48 hours of operation at a room temperature of 26°C, the average temperature of the air inlet was 26.8°C and the average temperature of the air outlet was 39.4°C. The miner ran normally without any overheating shutdown, and the average hashrate was within the nominal hashrate range.

As a new product launched by Goldshell in small mining machine and home mining machine, BOX series mining machine has the characteristics of simple operation setting and excellent power consumption on the wall.

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