Radeon AMD RX 580 590 8GB graphics card Sapphire XFX ASUS Dataland Maxsun oem nobrand 580 590 8GB GPU Mining Card

Model580 FunctionETH ETC Hashrate:30Mhs Video memory:8gb Chips:AMD Weight20kg Payment MethodUSD|EUR|GBP|CAD|AUD|RUB|USDT(ERC20/TRC20)

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Radeon AMD RX 580 series graphics cards are prevalent in 2018, and the 580 graphics cards are close in rank to the Radeon AMD RX 570 and 590. In the predecessor of the 500 series graphics cards there was also the 470/480 series, but today the 470/480 graphics cards have been phased out due to their age for too long. If the Antminer S9 is a classic production for BTC ASIC miners, then the AMD RX 580 8G graphics card is a classic for ETH GPU miners. We can feel that whether it is the S9 or 580 graphics cards, the hard demand of the market still exists, especially the 580/590 graphics cards, while the 570 8GB graphics cards are less market circulation, perhaps because of the use of too many years. At this stage, there are still many beginners to look for new 580/590 graphics cards, my answer is always to tell them: in 2022, you can not buy a brand new Iphone 6plus like. Even if someone tells you that they can supply new 580/590 graphics cards, I think either the supplier is an amateur or is deliberately trying to hide it from you.
Graphics Card Cores  
Chips Radeon AMD RX 580
Production process 14nm
Core Frequency 1286MHz
Memory Specifications  
Memory frequency 7000MHz
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Capacity 8GB
Memory bit width 256bit
Interface Type PCI Express 3.0 16X
I/O interface  6×Mini DisplayPort interface
Power connector  8pin
Other parameters  
Heat dissipation method Dual Fan cooling
Support HDCP Yes
Product Size 243×124×40mm
Recommended power supply 550W or more
Experience sharing, the current used market Radeon AMD RX 580 8GB graphics card brands are: Sapphire/XFX/ASUS Dataland/Maxsun/oem/nobrand, of which Sapphire and ASUS 580/590 hashrate most of them can still reach more than 30Mhs. XFX/Dataland/Maxsun 580 hashrate is about 28-30mhs, while some OEM brands and unbranded 580 hashrate is about 26-27mhs. The higher the hashrate the more expensive, and vice versa the cheaper. As for how to choose, I think with these data, in the customer's mind already have their own answer. In addition, miner customers need to choose according to their own conditions. Assuming that your farm conditions are better, and electricity is cheap, and you have personnel to manage miners, then you can choose cheap XFX/Dataland/Maxsun/OEM brand 580/590 graphics cards for ETH crypto mining. If the customer's mining farm environment is harsher, with poor temperature control, no one to manage, and higher electricity costs, then it is best to choose a stable GPU miner, or even give up the 580 graphics card and consider RTX 1660s/2060s/3070m/CMP 30HX/CMP 40HX graphics cards, etc. In contrast Nvidia chips have better heat resistance than AMD.Also, there are some customers who always tell me that he can find cheaper prices, then there is another point to note. Due to the high market demand for 580 graphics cards, many factories will use 570 or 580 4G graphics cards for transformation, after the core transformation of the card, performance and stability will become very poor, the selling price is not high naturally.1、Contact customer service to send inquiry, leave your contact information 2、Contact with customer service, and confirm the goods model, quantity and the price of the day. 3、Send your Email and receiving information (including: name, address, phone, zip code and other notes) 4、After receiving the payment, the new miner will arrange delivery within 2-3 working days. Under normal circumstances, you can get the international express tracking information within 3-7 days. 5, used miners need to arrange for testing, please contact customer service to confirm the specific delivery time. 6、If you are a beginner and do not understand what miner is suitable for you, please let customer service know and we will discuss with you to provide the most suitable solution for you according to your condition.

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