Antminer B7 96KH BTM Asic miner crypto mining machine

ModelB7 96KH FunctionsBTM Hashrate: 96KH Specification: 5285.5J/KH Release DateMarch 2019

Products Details

Specification parameters
Model No. B7  
Hashrate 96KH
Power Efficiency 528W ±7%
Power efficiency on wall @25°C, J/TH 5.5J/KH ±10%
Cooling 1 fan @ 12 V and 2.4 A
Operating Temperature 0~40
Nosie 65dB
Specification weight  
Net Dimensions 244mm x 131mm x156mm
Gross Dimensions 392mm x 243mm x 265256mm
Net weight, kg(2-2) 2.28kg
Gross weight, kg 2.9kg

Description of the B7 miner

The Ant B7 uses the Tensority encryption algorithm and is officially rated at 96KH/s, with a wall power consumption of 528W and an energy efficiency ratio of 5.50J/KH) and adapted to a 12V680W DC power supply.

The Ant B7 is exquisite and compact, with a measured standalone weight of 2.76kg and a miner trim size of 243.9*130.6*155.7mm

B7 Testing

The control board and power terminals are closed by a pull-out cover, which can be pushed open by pressing the upper button on the outlet side towards the inlet side, making it easy to connect the power cable. It is not recommended to close the cover immediately after plugging in the power cable, but to wait for a test before closing the cover, otherwise there will be too much friction in the position of the cover and it will not be convenient in practice.

The Ant B7 has a single fan design, with only one fan on the inlet side of the whole machine.

The Ant B7 has 3 built-in hashrate boards with 18 chips, each board only uses one 6pin power plug, plus one control board connector, the whole machine only needs 4 power cables with 6pin connectors. The Ant B7 can be used with 2 mining machines using a standard mining power supply.

The Ant B7 also uses cgminer, and the console page is the same as the other Ant miners, so you can set up the pool and miner number and start mining .

After more than an hour of observation, the backend showed that the hashrate value remained at 103,000H/S = 103KH/S, which is comparable to the official announced hashrate value of 96KH/s. Due to the short period of time, it was not possible to see the mining pool situation.

A small test of the Ant B7's power consumption was carried out in two ways, with a single power supply the Ant B7 consumes 579W and with one power supply with two miners the power consumption is 1173W.

The situation is good, if replaced with a silent or PC power supply, except for a slightly loud fan when booting up, the noise is very low after normal operation.

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