New Jasminer X4-1U 520M ETH/Ethere ETC Miner Blade Computing Server Low Power Home Mining Machine

Model:X4-1U Hashrate: 520M Power consumption:240W Payment MethodUSD|EUR|GBP|CAD|AUD|RUB|USDT(ERC20/TRC20/DEP20)

Products Details

Model Jasminer X4 1U
Cryptocurrency ETHASH/ETH/ETC
Hashrate 520M0%+10%
Power consumption 240w0%+10%
Power consumption ratio 0.460%+10%
Web Links RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000M
Miner Size 480*426*45mm
Package Size 535*105*595
Miner Weight 8KG
Gross weight 9KG
Inlet air temperature 28.3 degrees Celsius Outlet temperature 36.3 degrees Celsius Noise level 69.4 db Power 254wInlet air temperature 26.9 degrees Celsius Outlet temperature 39.7 degrees Celsius Noise level 83.5 db Power 300wData Comparison

Official Data Actual Test

Low frequency actual test High Frequency Actual Test
Hashrate (m) 520 502 579
Power consumption(w) 240 254 300
Noise (dB) 65 69.5 83.5
Summary Although the power consumption in high frequency mode is slightly higher than the official parameters, I believe that the excellent arithmetic performance is enough to conquer you. The only shortcoming is the general noise performance, can not be considered a silent model, of course, due to the high room temperature may have a slight impact on noise and power consumption. The overall performance of the Jasmine X4-1U is still very strong, enough to be called an excellent product.1、Contact customer service WhatsApp/wechat:+8613768392284,or send inquiry to leave your contact information (including: Email, name, address, phone, zip code and other notes). Customer service will reply to your email within 24 hours, please make sure to check your email. 2, brand new miners shipped in the original packaging does not provide testing, after-sales maintenance by the brand's official warranty. 3、After receiving the payment, we will send it to the shipping agent within 2-3 working days. Under normal circumstances, you can get the tracking information of international express within 3-7 days. 4、If you have other requirements, please inform the customer service staff.Eth has long been the world of graphics card miners, and in 2021, there was a shortage of graphics cards on the market, and a card was hard to find, so there were ETH/ETC ASIC miners on the market, including a high throughput chip arithmetic server, Jasminer X4-1U. We measured the size of the machine, our actual data is 45cm x 43cm x 4.5cm, surprisingly a little smaller than the official label. After plugging in the network cable and powering up and running, the indicator light came on and we started to connect the mining machine for configuration, scanning the two-digit code on the manual to get a video tutorial on how to configure the mining machine. The first thing to do is to find the ip of the miner (if you don't know how to find the ip of the miner, you can follow the video tutorial), then enter the ip of the miner in the browser to connect to the miner, the password and username are root. enter the configuration interface of the miner is very simple.

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